Pricipal Message

Dear parents and carers,

your family is about to embark on a wonderful and a exciting adventure.Let us work in partnership you to nurture and educate your child.

Our school motto,`Quality education for all in a secure and carring enviromnent`, sums up the ethos and commitment of all staff to nurture the potential of every child,developing personal excellence in a carring enviroment.

Sucess for all taught the skill and values necessary for sucess in education,life and work.They leave V.P.S as literate ,numerate ,well educated citizens who have the capability,confidence and indepndece to make a postive contribution to our society.

Our school is strengthened by a very supportive parent and wider community and we encourage you to become actively involved in all aspects of your chikldren education. Get to know the staff ,especially your child`s teachers and assist where you can so we can work together in the interests of everyone.

We are continually very proud of our histotry, our values ,our outstanding facilites and the high standards achieved by our students.

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